Octant Brim

by inyrdisk Records



(iyd #84)
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released December 25, 2012

Thanks to: Tyler, Vanessa, Jill, Juliana, Coreen, Greydyn, Kasper, Sarah K., Bone Dry Liar, Kevin Hainey, Chris Worden and Stacey Sproule

Track 3: First Vocals and Screecher - Ptarmigan
Track 5: Bass, Drum machine - Gatti VIIII

Album Artwork by: Tyler Oswald

*PHOTO OF THE CD taken from: distro.weirdcanada.com

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Track Name: Deep Beet
The alloy bucket swerves to the right
As train station sandals skim the freight
The watch clock stops at half passed eight.

Stain glass frames make shadows round the light
Things we don't see may sometimes cause us fright.

Demon sharks cascade the brims
Along the empty wall
The highrise decoy hip tic breaks
On the narrow fall.

Serenade Lullaby
Whispers in three ears
You all have one head
To stunt frail folding fears.

Steel plates breathe smoky ashtray dreams
One day light falls wooden beams
To find the grass that rises 8 feet high
Telescopic weasel breath stinks
as he whispers, I lie.
Track Name: Pizza Sweater
Where she been at?
Sleeps in a sewage plant?
Nobody knows just yet
But what sinks will surface

Spends and lies, cuts most ties
Who she is and what she tries
Tell us why, just tell us why!

You're a Pizza Sweater

Mold in your mind
It seeped in slow
Just let us know
Expose her!

Sweaty sink piled high
Who she is and what she'll try
Anything! Anything!
She'll try anything!

Always changin'
Don't know who you are
You're secrets aren't that deep though
You don't go that far

Never let 'em in
They may just tease
Nothing to lose
No one to please

You're a pizza sweater!
You're a pizza sweater!

It smells so fresh, sweaty weather
Basement life, put you on
And give you a try

I wanna find the right size!

Pizza Sweater!
Track Name: Shoe Soul
Recent details fail to flee
Made known among debris
Birds in day let us know what to see

Pedals win medals that meddle with metal
and my toll might stand tall
While this tale may derail
And its trail tries but stays stale

Shoe Soul
Track Name: Raw Hide
Hind eyes are wandering day skies
Though foresight saw scenes in late night

Conveyor belts
Bliss pocket wears and melts
This octave broom, a Band-Aid
Spread dirt around

Time is movement that can never stop
Balloons for eyes, they burst and drop.
They burst and drop
They burst and drop
They burst and drop
Track Name: Jesus House
Slippery plaster, headless Mary
at the Jesus House.
Padlocks prevent him from breaking in,
Fondled half-dead mouse

Teddy Bears rotting, crucified to the bricks,
Ain't a place to turn leaves or tricks.
Spying guys on the roof,
Climb(ing) out holes in the ceiling,
Sitting 'round the table, smokes away the feeling.

Roaches flattened in the fridge,
No stove, no water, no heat.
Piles of dishes, a filthy cat
Brought in from off the street

Life's Cheap !!! (repeat)
At $188.00 a week!
Track Name: Tape Skull Down
Skull down
Tape skull down

Got the sizzle
of the flies
And the garbage
In your eyes

Sift through
Where she sleeps
Tape skull down
Choose what she keeps

Bring it all
From the floor
Mounds in heaps
Out the door
Out the door!

Take us hours
Garbage bags
Tape and rags

Skull down
Tape skull down
Tape Skull down
Track Name: On the Cheetah Sleeper
Human sports mesh award
Ripe wigs squirm toward
The door they breeze in for

Fair tale ultra sounds
Mush spoon flesh hounds

Huff up stuff from mayo pumps
Huff up stuff from mayo pumps

Hexagonal shuttle
Shuffles gum lumps
Shuffles gum lumps

Turn up plum lip too takes tick guts

Huff up stuff from mayo pumps
Huff up stuff from mayo pumps
Huff up stuff from mayo pumps

Hexagonal shuttle
Shuffles gum lumps
Hexagonal shuttle
Shuffles gum lumps

Turn up plum lip takes tick guts

Deep space feeder
Eating mind loss huts
Eating mind loss huts

Light stairs fare well
On the cheetah sleeper
On the cheetah sleeper
On the cheetah sleeper