Release date: Feb. 8, 2014

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Mullet Bullet
See Breezes
Track your Transit
Wasted Crochet
Neon Cemetery
Ice Cream Clone (Killaz)
Prude Prowler (Interlude Reprise)
Sheep Skates
Dream Loafer (Reprise)


released February 8, 2014

All songs written + recorded in Toronto @Judy Bruze Home Studios by: Julie Reich

Stacey Sproule (vocals) - Track 6
Natural Thirst (guitar) - Track 6
Asante V. (vocals) - Track 7
Natural Thirst (vocals) - Track 10

Art: Jos Theriault
Layout: Victoria Cheong

Special Thanks to: Natural Thirst (Chris Worden), Stacey Sproule, Asante V., Victoria Cheong, Wolfgang Nessel, Jos Theriault, Jay Lemark, Peter Rahul, Jill Aston, Nick Kerr, Coreen Reich, Juliana Petrovic, Brian Seeger, Adam Bradley, Valentine Gurfinkel, Peter Bradley, Rebecca Bruton, Tim McNeillie, Jesse Locke, Sarah Kleeb and Dave Bedrich






all rights reserved
Track Name: Ponds
Seize the steeze, field of dreams. (Tell her) stop the crops. Jailhouse solo spouse time to delouse the creeps to care. No, they wouldn't dare! The water swells, let it swell. Let the sewer spell take him to the smell. He'll splash his way to hell. Only time will tell, only time will take. The ponds take on pounds then seep underground. They're lost and they're found. The life that dwells moves round. Out of sight, out of mind. Out of mind, the thoughts that dwell, they could not find the circle left behind turns a leaf. Out of sight, out of mind. To see but blind. Cycle and rewind, balance on the line. Repeat the dot, this time it's caught. Take him to the ponds.
Track Name: Cakes
Filtering out the mud-soaked flood. Oaked fat, the sound of the leaves bristle in your mind. You come back anytime. It's for you to find. Opening in the flat.... and the mount down the hill, beyond is a field, yours to fill. Dip your feet in the creek. Close your eyes and feel the guise. These leaves are spies. See her seek, but wind hears whispers, no need to speak. Your mouth is a beak and it beckons beyond. Sometimes the best things find the fond. Starch con, smoke pawns of yesterday. Peel the sleep from the soak of the creek. He's a creep!
Track Name: Mullet Bullet
Aspartame is a gold chain gang name. Tame the mane, fair game brain. Lame guys ride coattails but real dudes don't refrain. They abstain until rubba ducka in tha' bath, with salts that turn gas to asphalt. Drink Whiskey or malt. Got me a ton of each meow, meow. Got a ton of each meow, meow. Got a Gat stand to go with my Glok. Got an AK47 shot. Got a shoelace, tie a knot. Got a shiny face, time to blot. So, amazing rhymes, amazing dimes, phasing chimes with do-good crimes. Feet, far from defeat. In demand, read my name brand. I'm a fan of the fist in my hand. It's a showdown cowboy, so bring it!! Mullet strife, a mullet man got a mullet wife. They got mullet bullets!
Track Name: See Breezes
Sun daze stay breezy. It seems the gleam chimes, sea breezes saw freezes. Pick and prod long enough. Snip it 'till high rises (reach) the sun. We've only just begun.

It ain't over 'till it's done and you've had plenty fun, but it ain't over yet. Things we'll never forget, though it be nice if we could have never met. We'll never forget though it would be nice if we could have never met.

The flowers on the tights are dim, they grow with lights in eyes that grin. Things start also begin, also begin but growing backwards leaks through tin. Mirrors, they don't sleep, they don't sleep. If only, if only they show what is inside.

The mall was deserted in the mist in the lot, cries of ghosts on that spot. When temptation lured inside. Inside, the neck that appeared on the ghost of the guide... in the elevator we took a ride, when the door shut and locked us inside.

The flowers on the tights are dim, they grow with lights in eyes that grin. Things that start also begin.

See Breezes but growing backwards leaks through tin. Pick and prod long enough, snip it 'till high. It ain't over yet, until high rises. See Breezes (4). It ain't over till it's done. It ain't over yet.
Track Name: Track your Transit
Stiff knife burning him
Killed just for the fun of
The fun of chicks
Stacked up, highway stacks
Travel, get your gals
Track your transit
Track your transit
Stupid burning him,
Killed just for the fun of it
And what about those chicks stacked up?
Highway stacks trap
Get your gals but
Track your transit
Track Name: Wasted Crochet
Bile Sister: Where my girls at!!??!!

Stacey Sproule: Memory turbine combine, many times. Pine-sol-it.

Wasted Crochet.
Wasted Crochet, wasting away.

Steer clear, found sol to pine, it's too tame behind.
Tried going back, can't turn around.
Wasted crochet.
Wasted Crochet, wasting away (2).
Track Name: Neon Cemetary
Bile Sister: Stash it on the hip. Wink up a stink. Stop a sec to think but thoughts lost in sync. Neon knees kneels on heels with peels that breeze. Feels the seals of steel and peels are meals that steal when reels of meals take streets away from Keele to remain real, but you're too fake to feel (the frail stale mate)...

Asante V: extra terrestrial being aha ha... .

Bile Sister: Take a date to deal. She sees R. Kelly's heel.

Asante V: Team demon rolling with Charlie's Angels. one touch break the batteries in your halo. Open your mind and step into my oasis, black and white faces, spit poison at racists. Went from tasteless to gracious, sometimes ostentatious. Fantasies from Playboy pages, ever since grade six. Follow through the ages, cases and chains with slaveships, stumble into nightmares I stay sick. I breathe heavy while you sleep steady, lazy smoking weed drinking 40's, labelled me as crazy. Maybe I'm troubled, looking at the globe puzzled. My thoughts are a pinhead ready to pop the bubble. Walking tightropes, cuddle on bed of nails behold a pale horse, forces of evil seem to prevail at a snail's pace on my holy grail chase with a map and a plan that's certified fail-safe.
Track Name: Ice Cream Clone Killaz
Sleepy hollow (on) Centre strike. Chicks who dig the termite stripe. Cheetah type breach the hype. Rainy daze, 30's craze. Those dudes don't dig chicks in their scene. Web, webbed memories, webbed memory. Tangled time, things don't evolve in straight lines. It takes to retrace the lines. Following back, it's never straight. Tip toe to the creek with steps that crack back to the lack of it. The stones lay flat.
Track Name: Sheep Skates
Clench it to the fakers, there are so many takers tell turnin' tales, takin' off to sail, reemin' steam shake jail, their cliche t-shirts soak saunas but don't make bail. Takin' off to sail, tell turnin' tales, tell em ladies! Flood dental scum, the age and time of them! Clench it to the fakers, there are so many takers. Turnin' tales, takin' off to sail, reemin' steam shake. Come! Kingdom come (repeat).
Track Name: Dream Loafer (Reprise)
Slap-back stack re-hack the maniac dream-back fact. Deem steeple creep people feed needles to heal feeble from chrome drone stun guns.