Bile Sister/ Wolfcow Split Tape

by Cassettestival Tape Label



Split Tape Release by Cassettestival Tape Label

(Edition: 50 Tapes)
(You'll get digital download of the 12 songs)
-Limited Special Edition stock packaging cases, cassette cases, and tapes come with cover art (mini poster) by Julie Reich with a lovely liner insert on stock paper

Side A: Bile Sister (45 mins) - All songs/music written/composed, recorded and performed by Bile Sister, with guests:

Track 3: Greydyn Wolfcow - vocals

Track 4: Bone Dry Liar - vocals

Track List:
1. Lipstink TTC
2. Prude Prowler (Interlude) instrumental version
3. Learn the Language of the Gouger
(Duet Feat. Greydyn Wolfcow, Vocals)
4. Mock Sin (Feat. Bone Dry Liar, Vocals)
5. In the Back of his Shitty Sports Car
6. Lampmare
7. Miel Sanglant
8. Disco Sludge (Can't Let Buffy be the Only Slayer)
9. Dream Loafer (Imaginary Vocals) instrumental version
10. Sustained Preventative Medicinal Penetration (Long Version)
11. Tribal Hologram
12. Glitter Groper

Side B: (45 mins) - Wolfcow + his Magic Bandits (see photo for details)


released September 21, 2013

Cassettes dubbed, layout + packaging: Peter Bradley and his friends/team @ Cassettestival

Album Art: Julie Reich (Bile Sister)

Special Thanks: Peter Bradley, Cassettestival, Chris Worden, Guelph, Ed Video



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