EGO FISTERS by ABRA CADAVER (BILE SISTER + WOLFCOW collab - All Toronto's Parties 2 Tape Comp 2014)

by Weird Canada, Pleasence Rcrds, Wavelength, Silent Shout, Feast in the East, & Healing Power Rcrds



Track on a 2014 compilation by All Toronto's Parties 2
About the show: ATP II

All Toronto’s Parties (ATP) is/was a DIY promoters collective/coalition/experiment between Weird Canada, Pleasence Records, Wavelength, Silent Shout, Burn Down the Capital / Feast in the East and Healing Power Records.

ATP II was their second endeavour, consisting of five afternoon shows in unique locations around Kensington Market and a sixth night show. The sixth and final show was at the Comfort Zone, and featured five collaborative supergroups, including ABRA CADAVER, as well as projections and artistic performances. Along with other bands listed below, Bile Sister and Wolfcow formed as Abra Cadaver. The compilation tape consisted of original tracks by these 'supergroups' for this event. This song was our original contribution to the compilation, as Abra Cadaver.

Event Details
(Transcendental Rodeo [Doc Dunn] + Famous Wildlife Movies [Mike Smith])
(Wolfcow + Bile Sister)
Members of: Sexy Merlin + Man Made Hill + Ketamines + Seance Centre)
(Members of: Fresh Snow + Jamie Kidd)
(Members of: Slim Twig / US Girls / Tropics / Ice Cream)

++ Tough Guy Mountain
+++ General Chaos Visuals
++++ Steve Reaume Video Projections

ABRA CADAVER performed a set of Wolfcow and Bile Sister tracks, mostly those that had never been performed before, but were previous recording collaborations between Julie of Bile Sister and Greydyn of Wolfcow. These songs could finally come to life for the first time, a cathartic experience.


ego fisters, go a little faster
epic dream scene
sterling road theme
put em down for having a thing
put em down for having a theme
ride the wave
ride the wing
ego fisters go faster

all the obscene media
filthy import spine
im not the best judge
the changes are apparent
the changes are becoming mine the changes are becoming mine mine mine mine
it demands a little ego
it demands a little little ego
excercising a little ego
be it a bit faster a little stronger
what satisfies now
nothing but impure thoughts and motivations
ego fisters fisters
go a little faster


released May 24, 2014
Music - Greydyn Wolfcow
Voice - Julie Reich



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