Track 'Reptile Tenaka' - Bile Sister


a CD compilation on Healing Power Records
release date: Aug. 3rd, 2013

Comp has tracks from Lido Pimienta, Isla Craig, Petra Glynt, Deciduous, Naomi Hocura, New Chance, Bile Sister, Fin, and Tenderness

Designed and compiled by Stacey Sproule & Victoria Cheong
Photo cred: Naomi Hocura

This comp. documents a special group of eclectic female artists in Toronto, 2013. Go discover and support Healing Power Records.
Love, good vibes.



What you give, what you get
What you allow, it will let.
Appreciate the plant
Karmic infant
What it gives, what you've got
What it gives, what you got.
They don't like their lives
The lack of it drives
Them there
To space stare
Hovering in Stars
Covering Earth scars
Nihilist plan, nihilist plant
What you give it, you will get
What you give, you will get.
Cycles around,
Treads the ground,
Some are lost, some are found
Some thoughts mound
In hosts that astound.
What it gives is what you got
What it gives is what you got
Master plan, master plant
Faster span, faster bet
It'll come back if it hasn't yet
What it gives is what you get
What it gives, what you got
What it gives is what you got.


released August 3, 2013
Thanks to Stacey, Victoria, Healing Power Records and the amazing ladies on this compilation.

Photo Credit: Photo taken from distro.weirdcanada.com



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